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September 2, 2008

Google Chrome is Out

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Google just released Chrome, its own Web browser. It can be downloaded at http://www.google.com/chrome

After it downloads, it offers to import your settings from Firefox. When it opens, it tells you that it has a single edit box where you can search and navigate.

The first impression delivers on the promise. It is sleek!


If your primary language is not English you’ll probably see Chrome localized in your language. In fact, there is a single executable and you can choose the language in the options!


I just typed some search terms on the text box. The search results where shown immediately. I can press ENTER to open. Great!


Next I tried opening and closing some tabs. The animation is very fast and smooth.


Google Reader, Gmail and Google Maps seem to work really well in Chrome. Certainly we didn’t expect anything less. I’m not sure if I see the Javascript speed improvements already. Maybe when the browser does not freeze the way Firefox sometimes does.

Edit: See the benchmark.


Flash works well. I tried a casual game and my sample Flex application.


I liked the download interface better than Firefox’s. The download is shown in the tab footer and you click on it when it’s done. Simple and effective.

New tab

After having navigated for a while, I opened a new tab. Now it shows the sites I visited most. And it opened really fast, just as promised. Google doesn’t want you to default to an empty page.


[Edit] Being able to search inside the pages in your history is certainly a killer feature. Many times we remember a few words about a page we read before, and we want to find it fast. Google delivers on search, again.


My first impression was good. I will certainly use Chrome a little more. Of course, a great strength of Firefox is its many excellent plugins. I don’t thing I’m willing to leave some of them behind. On the other hand, I believe plugin authors will be interested in Chrome soon.

[Edit] For a better review than mine see Google Chrome: Should You Convert?.


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