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November 8, 2008

Exploring Pinax Series

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Pinax is an integrated collection of selected Django reusable applications. It can be used as a head start for website projects and also to experiment patterns of Django applications.

As I learn how to leverage Pinax to build Web applications, I’m writing about my experiences. I plan to update this article and to use it as an index:

  • Part 1: Installing Pinax.
  • Part 2: Creating a new tab.
  • Part 3: Creating a new application inside a Pinax website.
  • Part 4: The main domain object of the sample application.
  • Part 5: A form for submitting new items.
  • Part 6: Comments on approaches to revision control.
  • Part 7: Notifications.

The source code for the sample application is hosted on GitHub.

I also have a feed for my Pinax-related articles.



  1. Great pinax

    Comment by yoshi — May 10, 2009 @ 11:09 am

  2. […] my experience with one Django app. For some related reading see Fernando Correia’s series on Exploring Pinax and Greg Allard’s How to Write Reusable Apps for Pinax and […]

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