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November 10, 2008

First experience with BlueTripCSS Framework

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A few days ago I went looking for info on CSS frameworks. I found a very interesting article that led me to the BlueTripCSS Framework by Mike from Capsize Designs.

Today I wanted to create a simple and clean website and I decided to try BlueTrip.

I was very impressed with how simple and easy it was. I highly recommend BlueTrip for its great typography that it inherits from Tripoli and for the easy-to-use grid that comes from Blueprint.

I just didn’t like the icons on the Web links and I decided to get rid of them. I could do that easily by just writing a custom style.css file to override the defaults:

a[href^="http:"]:visited { background:none; padding:0; margin:0; }

I tested the page in Firefox in Ubuntu and in Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and Chrome in Windows XP and I got nearly identical results in all of them.

So, I’m very satisfied with BlueTrip. Mike did a great job by putting together two of the best CSS frameworks.

Thanks, Mike!


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